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We will secure your IT Systems, safeguard your sensitive data and ensure you conform to regulatory compliance by applying the very latest Cyber Security Testing and Prevention solutions.

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OhSo Technical provides a Comprehensive range of Cyber Security Services to Local Organisations that are looking to protect their Business Critical Data and enhance their Business Continuity strategy by investing in the Latest Cyber Security solutions.

With over 70 years’ collective experience in the IT Services sector, we have extensive knowledge of the latest Cyber Security testing and prevention solutions that can be applied to eliminate the risk of data loss and help you to achieve GDPR Compliance. We can act in a strategic advisory capacity, or we provide hands-on implementation and ongoing management services.


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Our range of Network Security Services and Solutions.

Network Penetration Testing.

A stringent ‘Ethical Hacking’ process that is designed to identify and eliminate any Security vulnerabilities on your Network by conducting a series of ‘simulated’ Cyber Attacks both inside and outside of your Infrastructure.

We offer solitary Pen Testing Services, or scheduled Penetration testing to Organisations that require annual tests to maintain their regulatory compliance.

Once the tests are completed, you’ll be presented with a full ‘post testing report’ that includes a detailed breakdown of any identified Security vulnerabilities that have the potential to be exploited, together with a list of recommended actions for optimising your Network Security.

Where applicable, our Penetration testing exploitation process includes:

  • Multiple Network Password attacks
  • Simulating Phishing attacks
  • VPN and Remote Access testing
  • Application Security Testing, including databases
  • Wireless Network Security and Firewall Configuration and rule sets
  • Portable Device Testing, including Smartphones and Tablets
  • Webserver Security and Infrastructure layer testing

2-factor Authentication.

EVERY password can eventually be hacked. No matter how stringent your password policy is, we highly recommended that you apply 2-factor Authentication Company-wide if your business handles Personally Identifiable Information.

2-factor authentication examples:

  • Receive an Authentication code via text or email
  • Biometric Authentication
  • RSA key generation (via an electronic keying)
2FA services London - Cyber Security Services Essex

Data Loss Prevention.

We provide a Comprehensive range of intelligent Data Leakage Prevention applications that will eliminate the threat of data loss and help you to achieve GDPR Compliance.

Whether inadvertent or malicious, Data Loss can have a catastrophic effect on your Business Continuity and longevity by damaging your reputation and your Customer retention.

We will eliminate the risk of data loss by applying one or more applications that will achieve the following:

  • Restrict device access by type, model and serial number
  • Block storage devices (USB keys, external drives etc.) and change permissions to read only
  • Automated data encryption, monitoring and blocking
  • Track downloaded and edited files
  • Security access control, including temporary and scheduled access

End-point Anti-virus and Malware protection.

As an official Sophos partner, OhSo Technical provides the latest on premise and Cloud-based end-point security solutions that will protect ALL of the devices on your network from latest Virus, Malware and Zero-day threats. Sophos is our preferred endpoint-protection solution of choice because its protection goes far beyond signature-based convention. End point protection highlights include:

  • Innovative protection, including Anti-malware, HIPS and Malicious Traffic Detection
  • Web, Application, Device and Data control for comprehensive policy enforcement
Sophos Endpoint Security Services

Complex Firewall Management.

OhSo Technical Provides Complex Firewall Management services to local Organisations that wish to pass the day-to-day responsibility of Firewall Administration and maintenance to a trusted Network Security expert.

We can provide day-to-day support for all of the latest hardware brands, including Cisco, WatchGuard, Juniper and Sonicwall.

Our Firewall Management Service includes the following elements:

  • Firewall configuration and deployment
  • Rule and policy implementation
  • Availability and performance monitoring and reporting
  • Point-to-point VPN Configuration
  • Scheduled updates and health checks
  • DMZ implementation
  • Configuration backup and recovery

Scheduled updates and patching.

Also included in our Fully Managed IT Support Service, OhSo Technical provides a scheduled Application and Operating System update and patching service, which will greatly mitigate the risk of a Cyber Security attack from occurring within your Network. Our scheduled service includes, but is not limited to updates and patching for the following technologies:

  • Windows Operating Systems (server and desktop) & Microsoft and 3rd party Applications
  • Networking Equipment (Firewalls, Managed Switches etc.)
  • Apple Mac OSX and iOS devices & Network Security Applications (Anti-virus/Malware subscriptions)
Server Scheduled updates and patching

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