Microsoft Azure Consultancy and Transformation services for Business.

Accelerate your business growth and turn your ideas into solutions by leveraging the power of over 100 different services and solutions that are available on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.

Your Local Microsoft Azure Consultants.

Our team of Microsoft Cloud experts offer planning, deployment and Consultancy services to Local Organisations that wish to take advantage of  Microsoft Azures highly intelligent and cost-effective Cloud-based services and solutions.

We’re highly experienced in successfully creating and maintaining a diverse range of effective Azure environments that greatly enhance business efficiency, increase productivity and drive business growth. We can provide strategic guidance and expert advice to your internal IT team, or we can provide fully managed IT transformation services.

Managed Azure Services - London and Essex

What is Microsoft Azure?

Windows Azure is a cost-effective Cloud-based application platform that is used for developing, managing and hosting applications and data in a safe, secure and compliant Cloud platform, which is physically located in Microsoft’s data centers.

Microsoft Azure consists of several components which include:

  • The Microsoft Cloud operating system
  • Microsoft SQL Azure, for running database services in the cloud
  • Microsoft .NET services for developing and running numerous applications

Over 100 different services and solutions are accessible from the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.  These services and solutions include the following:

  • Virtual Machine deployment
  • Virtual Private and Dedicated networks
  • Internet of Things development (IoT)
  • Hybrid Cloud app development and hosting
  • Mobile App development and hosting
  • E-commerce solutions
  • SharePoint and Dynamics as a Service
  • Website development and hosting
  • App development
  • Business Intelligence services
  • Big data and Analytics
  • Data backup, archiving and Disaster Recovery
  • High-performance Computing and Serverless computing

Our Managed Azure Services. 

Microsoft Azure Digital Transformation Service.

We’ll successfully migrate your entire on premise IT Infrastructure to Microsoft Azure, on-time and within budget. This is achieved by completing the following process:

  1. IT Audit – We’ll complete an in-depth audit of your existing IT Infrastructure and then present you with a detailed report, which includes a breakdown of the migration process and cost.
  2. Design –  Our Microsoft Cloud experts will work closely with your team to design a Cloud infrastructure that will meet your key business challenges and is aligned to your business strategy.
  3. Pre-Migration planning – Meticulous planning and preparation is essential to ensure your project is successfully completed. We’ll create a detailed plan of action in readiness for making a transition to Microsoft Azure. This includes a list of pre-migration tasks that we’ll help you to complete before the migration process can begin.
  4. Migration –  Before the final transition process is completed, we’ll conduct a series of pre-migration tests in order to ensure that your Cloud Infrastructure is configured correctly, version to version application upgrades and migrations have been completed and all of your data has been transferred successfully.

Once this has been achieved, We’ll continue to complete the entire Digital transformation project to the Azure platform on-time, within budget and with minimal disruption to your business operations.

Azure Consulting Services.

Our Azure experts will provide strategic guidance to ensure you get maximum value from your Azure investment. We’ll also offer expert purchasing advisory services to ensure you apply the correct Azure services and solutions to solve your immediate and long-term business challenges.

  • We provide one-off Consultancy appointments to address solitary problems with Azure, or provide expert advisory services.
  • We can also provide ongoing consultative services for large-scale challenges and assistance with Azure migration projects.
Microsoft Azure Consulting Services. London and Essex.

Take the first step towards creating a cost-effective and fully scalable cloud services environment that will accommodate and drive your business growth.

Call OhSo Technical today and find out more about the many commercial and financial advantages of applying one or more Azure services an solutions. Alternatively, provide us with more information about your Microsoft Azure Consulting requirements in the online contact form below and a member of staff will contact you shortly.

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