Our Company vision.

Our vision is to become the leading IT Services Organisation in South East England.

We will achieve this vision by applying over 70 years of collective knowledge, experience and success to deliver a superior IT Support service offering that CANNOT be matched by our Competitors.

Our superior IT Support service offering will be delivered to our clients through the following five service objectives:

  1. Become the ONE point of contact for ALL your IT needs.
  2. Provide INSTANT technical Support and leading edge Technology Solutions that drive your success by accelerating business growth and maximising profitability.
  3. REDUCE your Annual IT Support service costs by UP TO 50%.
  4. Ensure you get MAXIMUM VALUE from your IT Investment by providing ongoing strategic guidance and expert advisory services
  5. Focus MORE time on applying intelligent technologies that will solve your challenges and facilitate business growth.

A Professional IT Support service that’s evolved with technology.

Business technology has never been more reliable then it is today. The latest Computer technologies are highly dependable and Cloud Services have greatly reduced costs and simplified the way that IT systems are configured, deployed, managed and maintained.

A Properly configured and well maintained ‘modern’ IT infrastructure should be hassle free and require minimal technical support. In addition, the cost of day-to-day IT support should reflect the reduced amount of service calls you expect to make if your IT Systems are fully up to date and well optimised.

Our IT Support Mission

You should rarely need to call your IT Support Company. If this isn’t the case, then you need to call us TODAY.

Giving our clients IT Freedom.

OhSo Technical was born from a simple vision – to provide a modern IT Support Service that has evolved with business technology.  

Our Fully Managed IT Support Service ‘IT Freedom’ rewards businesses that use modern ‘up-to-date’ IT Systems by reducing their IT Services costs by 50%.

IT Freedom - IT Support

Less IT Problems = Lower IT Support costs.

  1. With IT Freedom, our clients pay a low monthly cost for Unlimited  IT Support that is calculated by the number of support hours they use.
  2. A modern, well configured IT Infrastructure means Less IT problems. Because of this, IT Freedom clients will reduce their annual IT support costs by up to 50% because they require less day-to-day support.
  3. This is achieved by modernising and optimising our clients IT Systems from day one, and then introducing an IT Strategy roadmap that will align their IT investment to their specific business goals for the next 5 years.
  4. The money they save can then be reinvested into new or existing IT Systems that will continue to drive their business growth for years to come.
  5. More importantly, their system downtime is reduced and overall business productivity & profitability is greatly increased.

In addition, you’ll also get INSTANT Telephone and Remote IT Support.

With IT Freedom, you’ll also get INSTANT day-to-day telephone and remote technical Support from 7:00am to 7:00pm.

OhSo Technical is the very first IT Support Company in the region to offer INSTANT technical support as a standard response time.

Instant IT Support Services

How can we provide INSTANT IT Support?

It’s actually quite simple…

We invest significant time and resources into FULLY OPTIMISING your IT Systems at the start of the service lifecycle,. This process ensures that your IT Network is FLAWLESSLY Configured, updated, patched and secured from DAY ONE. You’ll have LESS IT Problems, which means you will pay LESS for Technical Support and get IMMEDIATE IT assistance whenever you need it.

We’ll also create a bespoke IT Strategy Roadmap to ensure you invest in technology that will greatly improve the reliability and efficiency of your IT Operations for years to come.

What is this?

You’ll have less IT Support problems, which means:

1. You’ll pay 50% LESS for ongoing technical support

2. You’ll get IMMEDIATE IT assistance whenever you need it

How do we do this?

  1. We invest a significant amount of time and resources into FULLY OPTIMISING your IT Infrastructure at the beginning of your IT Support service lifecycle, ensuring that your entire IT Network is CORRECTLY Configured, updated, patched and secure from DAY ONE.  
  2. In week one, a professional IT Consultant will conduct a FULL IT Services Infrastructure audit. This root and branch audit will highlight any potential/existing IT issues that could affect your immediate and medium to long-term business productivity 

Optimising and modernising your IT systems from Day-one will result in reduced system downtime and less day-to-day technical support problems, greatly increasing your overall business productivity.  

Because you’ll require less technical support, we can provide you with INSTANT telephone and remote IT support whenever you require assistance.  

More importantly.

This unique approach to IT Support allows us to spend LESS time fixing your IT Problems and MORE time focusing on applying intelligent technologies that will solve your challenges and facilitate business growth. 

Take the first step towards INSTANT day-to-day technical support for your business.

Call us today to find out more about our INSTANT IT Support service and request a no-obligation quote. Alternatively, provide us with more information about your IT Services requirements in the online contact form below and a member of our team will contact you soon.

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